Blackberries, rich in antioxidants, help the body to prevent multiple types of chronic infections and diseases. The blackberries have a high tanin content and have antiseptic and astringent properties, which makes them good for tightening tissues and treating minor bleeding. They also have antibacterial properties and actually help cleanse the blood. Blackberries contain a pain reliever, and they have a high fiber content. These are just a few of the health benefits that blackberies provide:

Blackberry Picking photo
  1. They help prevent macular degeneration
  2. Help prevent breast and cervical cancer
  3. Help with pleurisy, and lung inflammation
  4. Help fight endo-toxin shock
  5. Help prevent cardiovascular diseases
  6. Help with diabetes
  7. Help fight age-related cognitive decline (delaying the process of aging)
  8. Help with mild infections like sore throats, and mouth irritations
  9. Used to help alleviate hemorrhoids
  10. Can strengthen blood vessels
  11. Contain ellagic acid, which contains anti-viral properties

The plants have medicinal properties also, the leaves, roots, and outer layers of the stems can be harvested and used fresh or dried for later use. A tea can be made from these parts that can be used for a effective treatment against diarrhea and dysentery.

Some more info about Blackberries compared to Blueberries. In one cup of each:

Blackberry                                                                 Blueberry

14 grams of Carbs.                                               21 grams of Carbs.

2 grams of Protein                                                2 grams of Protein

60 Calories                                                              85 Calories

7 grams Sugar                                                        15 grams Sugar

7.6 grams Fiber                                                      4 grams of Fiber

30 mg of Vitamin C                                               14 mg of Vitamin C

28 mg Vitamin K                                                   28 mg Vitamin K

308 international units Vitamin A                     79 international units Vitamin A


The Orac tests show these numbers:

Blackberries are at 5905 per 100 grams.               Blueberries are at 4669 per 100 grams.