1. Photo Opportunities on the farm anytime during spring and summer. Call for reservations and prices.
  2. If you would like take a tour of the farm and learn about growing blackberries and each variety that is on farm, also being able to taste each variety that is getting ripe to see the differences in flavors and sweetness, then being able to pick a half of a gallon of your favorite berries is 10 dollars per person. You can pick more but there will be an extra charge for anything over the first half gallon.
  3. We will be doing Honey Bee lectures and demos two times per year. First time is late June after the honey is extracted and then again in mid August. We will offer a honey tasting at end of lecture of honey that was just extracted. The price for this is 8 dollars per person
  4. Our farm is starting to have bon fires after Jan 1st 2018. We will supply the wood, 2 can drinks, 2 hot dogs (you cook over fire), various chips, and the makings for smores. These events will be every weekend reservations needed. This price will be 12 dollars per person, group discounts available. you can bring games and activities with you.
  5. More events coming later.
  6.  We will start to sponsor an event called the game three times a year.  it is a war based game with several camps and it lasts about 4 hours per game the first will be during the day but after that it is a night time game. the cost is 25 dollars per person and need 35 people to participate or the game will have to be postponed. The dates for the first game will be the second Saturday in April. The price includes either 2 hot dogs or one burger, 2 drinks not including all the water needed to drink, and a bag of chips.