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The Accidental Farm

Hays Berry Farms, based in Dumas, Mississippi, was founded almost by accident. In the year 2000, we planted 6 plants for our personal use. In 2001, nearby neighbors saw the berries we produced and asked if we had enough to give away. So we planted 4 more plants in the fall of 2001 to meet their needs. The following year we continued to increase our crop, with a total of 15 plants. This continued through 2004-2005 when we had 23 plants, then 50, then 150, 300, 800, and 1,000 by the year 2010.

Thanks to increasing demand, we’ve started an expansion project for the farm. In 2013, we had 8 miles of trellised blackberries, and 7,000 plants, with more plants being added often!

As you can see, Hays Berry Farms continues to grow. We hope you’ll stop by and see what we have to offer.

News & Events

  • New things coming in 2014!

    Hays Berry Farms will soon feature agri-tourism events on the farm! We'll also be inviting visitors to come out for photo ops during the berries blooming, and when the berries are actually on the plants. Lastly, we will have our farm stand open this year for a limited time—with produce from the vegetable patch as it is in season. Come visit us!

  • Now offering consulting services

    Hays Berry Farms is now doing consulting for beginning Blackberry Farmers. We offer lectures and seminars on berry production and marketing strategies. Contact us for more information!

  • Hays Berry Farms certified naturally grown

    Hays Berry Farms was recently certified naturally grown! We have more coming soon, check back for more!

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  • Looking For Investors

    Blackberry Investors

    We're looking for people to invest in our growing business.
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