Investing in Hays Berry Farms

Help us expand our growing farm


We here at Hays Berry Farms are looking for investors to help our farm grow. We need a total of $227,000 to be able to expand to the point we can cover all of the orders we have for the last 2 years. It costs $14,000 per acre to set up the berries. We are willing to take smaller or partial amounts for expansion. However much a person is willing to invest, we will set up as much as we can with that amount and designate that portion with the investor's name on it. We are willing to give up 20% of total sales for 10 years and then buy back their investment capital with interest. This is 20% of net sales, not profits. We will be responsible for paying all the working expenses out of our part.

If you would be interested in investing in our farm, please give us a call at 662-538-2899, or by email. We look forward to working with you as we expand our thriving business.

Robert Hays, Owner, Hays Berry Farms