1. Blackberries we have fresh and frozen blackberries. Anyone buying 5 gallons of fresh berries from farm will be able to get one gallon container of blueberries or any other fruit and vegetable that is ready to harvest at the time or can get a rain check for item they are wanting.
  2. We are offering dried blackberry leaves for teas. our farm will sale in volume and not weight. the packages will be in 1 cup sizes for 1.50 per package.
  3. Hays Berry Farms now has
    our own line of chapsticks. We have an unflavored as well as a  blackberry flavored chapstick. The price for the chapstick $3.00 per tube. We do give discounts for 10 tubes or more. Shipping is extra. You can have 5 tubes shipped for the same price as one tube
  4. We also have produce from our truck farm.
  5. We have a new line of honey from our farm. We will have a blackberry honey, a wild collected honey for 17 dollars per quart, and coming this fall a hot pepper honey for meat glazes at 18 dollars per quart.
  6.  We now offer blackberry scented candles for $2 each.
  7. We have blackberry scented soaps in our lineup. the rectangle bars are $2.50 each. The oval and round bars are $2.00 each, the bags of soap medallions are $2.00 per bag





For all people wanting our products, my farm was sprayed by the power company this spring of 2018. I lost all of my certifications so I wont be able to sale my berries at a premium. the power company killed many of my plants and even some plants I have created myself. you can read my story at my gofundme account Power Company Mistake.